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Faith Ibanez

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Life and Practice

Faith is currently studying at (DLSP) Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo, taking up (BSED) Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English. She finished her Senior High School at (SJNHS) San Jose National High School, San Pablo City. Joel is currently the Vice President of DLSP-ALIW (Association of LGBTQIA+ Community towards Inclusivity and Diversity for a better World). She is a Junior Image Stylist of TEAM POWERHOUSE (house of models) and as freelance make-up artist.


Phoenix is a bird that undergoes death and is then reborn from its ashes. I used this concept to retell my journey of who I am right now. This is a story of a little girl deprived of the right to live the life she wanted to live. At first, it tells my past–experiences through time and how I healed and regained the confidence to show off myself and be truly who I am. That's me, and that's the world I wanted to live by. I no longer isolate myself from people who judged us/me. I'm free and can say I love the life where I am right now. Various attacks of discrimination and prejudice have been thrown at me. This never let me down but instead made me the best version of myself. I am Phoenix.

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