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Pul Maranan

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Life and Practice

A man of different characters that all fall into a full-grown man with a soft heart like a woman. Pul is a versatile artist who manages to do different types and styles of art. He loves creating artworks out of recyclable and indigenous materials. He is a professional dancer and a freelance choreographer. As a sports enthusiast, he has been a badminton and volleyball player from grade school up to this day. Artpul T Shirt Printing was his first business and also had managed small businesses like breeding to selling pets particularly aquarium fishes and fur pets. He also accepts commissions in painting, crafting and landscaping even event organizing and make-up artistry. He believes that respecting others is what matters most in this kind of era. Doing that act makes a person’s day last with a smile. He always dreams to become an advocate of Gender Equality and Cultural Tourism and wants to pursue that with his creative hands. He was named after a Filipino Martial Arts Group called “Pulahang Mandirigma” by his father who was a well-known activist and media man of San Pablo City. Like the origin of his name, Pulman will be defined as a man full of colors that constitute a rainbow radiating after every storm.


Just woke up. Woke up late. It's my usual body clock. I always sleep late. I always wake up late because I’m used to working at night, so that’s why I’m doing all of my projects, all of my activities, at night. Cleaning the house. Cooking. Creating artworks. I'm doing my own thing. So thank God because I’m doing something, right? After waking up, I feed pets, fish, dog and cat. There you go.

Watering the plants.

Oh, my God! It’s dead.

So that’s it. It’s okay; I also exercise. My rest is TikTok, social media. So it's a new day. So this is it. Start of my new day.

How much is the saw?

So that’s it. We’ve bought it, guys.

Materials I bought today. 6 pieces of hinges, 4 pieces of ecofor lumber, peanut type LED bulb and speedmeter bulb, motorcycle battery.

Up next.

Something I could've said to make it all stop hurting?

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