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04 Ridaw.png

Alex Crisologo | Mixed media Installation | 2021


A selection of works related to Ridaw (2021).

Documenting the process in making Kwentong Lungsod (2021)

I sourced my inspiration from the daily struggles I had. Going home early in the morning, tired, stressed, and extremely frustrated with my job were unfortunately where my art for the projects rooted from. I was unhappy at where I was and I wanted so badly to be back in the forest and sea as they were the roots of my well-being. To do art for me in a concrete jungle felt like I was trying to do it in a cage.

By the time I finished them, sunlight had shattered my darkness as finally, I was able to fly and see my boyfriend in an island paradise that I have longed for so much.

What I never knew back then was that the residence unlocked what I thought was the limit of my creativity to something greater. Like Pandora’s jar, I unwittingly unleashed my unending potential to do more art and like the sirens of Anthemoessa, I heard the truth clearly from the waves. 

Some images during the process of Ridaw and Hawla (2021).

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