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Mrs. Tan | Video [Performance Art] | 12 mins 14 secs | 2021

Living in a world I made up is what I am good at. From child’s play till choosing the medium of art I am doing right now, I make an alternate reality that I control. But what if this control is to be challenged by people entering this world that I created?

Tandemonium is the tug of war between power and control –my power to set the rules and play by it and the audiences’ control of how the course of the performance will unfold. It also challenges to show the concern these audiences have and how their power can be extended, made, or perhaps the other way to play around it.

From a vision, the world came to fruition. Control became chaos and chaos became control.

Audio clip from Mrs. Tan’s Tandemonium (2021) online Global Grace Artist-in-Residency Exhibition As of 31 July 2021 performance.

Chat transcript during the performance, which includes the rules of the online performance and the requests and questions from the audience

Tandemonium Photo Essay

A selection of stills from Mrs. Tan’s Tandemonium (2021) online performance

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