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Story of a Boat

Thomas Leonard Shaw

The sea rippled underneath the sun

    each pulse of movement a reminder of force

  acting on its sides beneath and above metric tons of water

     sometimes in solemn dance often in disparage directions

          call then the boat that dares flounder on a horn signal direction

          the men homesick vomit covered a thousand unnamable miles

                    the sea is large what of course is not to expect but the uncharted

             distance mapped by indeterminable movements thrust then the sea

          as a reminder of beyond of unmarked positions of monsters on the maps

  when the hand then dips for the water call into attention the coldness thousands of miles

   across of depthless water of submergence measurable only in empty longing for location

          dislocation then transience then charting  then again separation

                    the sea reminds us to hold on even when the storm has already passed.




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