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Queer Reading into Queer Writing: Affirming the Self through Words

About this Generalist Class

An Online Generalist Class On GlobalGRACE’s Work Package 4: Making Life Loveable: Digital and Literary Productions of Cultures of Equality Among LGTBQ Young People in the Philippines


In keeping with the primary objective of the Philippine Work Package for GlobalGRACE, this online course has been designed with the beginning queer writer in mind.


It has several “sessions,” each drawing from materials coming from the National LGBTQ Writers Workshops: essays, poems, and stories, written by young Filipino queers who, during their residencies at these short-term retreats, received peer and professional feedback and friendly counsel on the craft—as well as on the inner and the outer lives—of queer creativity.


Our hope is that the subscriber to this online class will receive similar steady guidance—as well as cheer and encouragement—as they make the intimate personal journey from reading into writing, all for the sake of arriving at a clearer awareness, acceptance, and appreciation, of the queer and creative self.


Dear online student: the pace at which you wish you take this class will be entirely up to you.


We hope you will find this short educational experience enriching, meaningful, and enjoyable.



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