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The First GlobalGRACE-UP National LGBTQ Writers Workshop

The first GlobalGRACE-UP National LGBTQ Writers Workshop was held at the University of the Philippines on 23-27 July 2018. The workshop is the first in a series to be held over the next three years and is a core component of Work Package 4: Making Life Lovable: Digital and Literary Productions of Cultures of Equality Among LGBTQ young people in the Philippines.

The national level residential writing workshops aims to create a distinctive space for aspiring LGBTQ writers both to formally hone their craft through constructive critique of their work by established and inter/national essayists, novelists, poets and scholars and to do so in a space that recognizes, values and makes safe their subject positions and subjectivities.

The first workshop focuses on poetry and will feature the work of 10 Fellows from across the Philippines who were selected competitively by a panel of established poets and scholars. For further information about the workshop, please see the GlobalGRACE Philippine Facebook page.

Opening Day

Keynote Speech by Prof. Ronald Baytan

Evaluations and Recommendations

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