Teaching Philippine Queer Literature

About this Specialist Class

An Online Specialist Class On GlobalGRACE’s Work Package 4: 
Making Life Loveable: Digital and Literary Productions of Cultures of Equality Among LGTBQ Young People in the Philippines

This Specialist Class is addressed to educators in the senior high school and early tertiary levels in the Philippines, who wish to make use of the online archive of LGBTQ literary texts produced by the Philippine work package of GlobalGRACE.

The subscriber is encouraged to take the Generalist Class—which is addressed to young and aspiring LGBTQ writers—in order to be more fully acquainted with the heart and soul of this Work Package. Doing so will afford the subscriber an “insider’s perspective” and hopefully also provide the proper conceptual and ethical frameworks within which to work out the appropriate pedagogical tack to the teaching of LGBTQ texts, given his or her own specific institutional circumstances.

This Specialist Class will utilize the idea of intersectionalities—the complex and mutually implicating layers of realities and circumstances, the complexity, that necessarily attends the truth of LGBTQ life. Because the oppression suffered by LGBTQ individuals is multiple and intersecting, so are the resources of LGBTQ agency, so are LGBTQ lives.
It is the intention of this Specialist Class to suggest—and not exhaust—pedagogical possibilities in the teaching of these fictional, nonfictional, and poetic texts, written by young Filipino queers.

The approach will be broadly thematic, tackling the texts through their representational content, as embodied in characters and plots, personae and dramatic situations, although formal qualities will also now and then be flagged, particularly as they may enrich the textual analysis. Queerness will form the central thematic, and it will be fleshed out and appreciated as being always already implicated in—that is, intersectional with—the sociocultural determinations in and through which queer lives must assert themselves, fecundate, and exist.