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King Llanza

King Llanza is a 22-year-old writer from Lucena City, Quezon Province. He previously worked as a pollution control officer of an auto dealership. Currently living in Manila, he is taking his MS Environmental Science and Ecosystem Management degree as a full-time student at De La Salle University-Manila. Some of his poems have been published in Anak Sastra, an online literary magazine based in Malaysia. King is into tarot reading and making carbonara for dinner every other night of each week.

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The Observer’s Diary


King Llanza


King Llanza


King Llanza


King Llanza

Where I'm From

The place, with its sleeping vines

slithering like treadmills

racing to exhaustion,

is a flat-lined breath

running on steady sparks.


The place has water,

an artificial basin

for a natural stream

from uphill. It sleeps

to wake in witching hours.


The place has puddles

birthed by ceilings

and the floor has no choice

but to accept with

its infinite palms.


The place has a bed

watered by a young body,

wakes up in some mornings

flourishing in shame and scolding.


The place is

two jeepney rides

away from a pool.


The place is the ocean’s

fate from centuries

of gravel and concrete,

to mean a part of the saltwater

sways tasteless and warm


and the earth that structures

a home is the place that crumbles

in what seeps between

the pores of the solid world

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