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A Captain’s Memoir

Thomas Leonard Shaw

The ships             gone.  There is          nothing but                          ocean

          tides beating on shores  angry wives taken back                    home

Of/on course we tidy past gangrene decks           beyond moonlit beaches          those savages

with wooden mask                    spears through these  junction          we escape for water

It is here we grab between fingers that rush of tide and horizon coming together apart again a silent lover taking his beloved home that which is beyond maps beyond compass points beyond even the symbols of monsters instead we reach dark corners there is nothing but darkness and darkness and darkness we learn to return to                               ---

But this time it is                     different                    this time it is perilous                    this time we jump into          the great                    beyond                    that                     of its           own          vantage


This time we only learn splash splash     splash          splash                              splash                     then




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