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Kishan | Video | 6 mins 26 secs | 2021

Skin Care


‘Yes or no questions for the self
No moderators, no time limits’

The duality of the self encompasses identity. A self-identified person is a person of false
existence in a world of dichotomy. True to its balance, this world serves its purpose to confuse and
enlighten even the most guaranteed authenticity. True to its boundless nature, this universe answers in
between yesses and nos.



‘Swerved to the right
I curve my fingers
Nature’s rhythm
Manifested in me’

Magic flows through my veins as a right-handed goddess, undeniable, manifested in all realms
of existence. Natural is its movement, unconcealable even in the harshest of lights. A translucent
pattern of implicit experiences from the past led to the mastery of the hands dancing an elegant and
encouraging dance.


‘In my world, everyone exists in truth’
excerpt from Kishan’s fantasy world

The life of an absolute goddess is the life of an absolute universe. My existence is truth, hence in
truth, we exist.

Folded in four, these pieces of tissue were used to wipe off mixtures of ink and blood from the artist's left foot.

© 2021. GlobalGRACE Philippines



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